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Patient Review

Roshan Rameshrao Pathade

Before being an Excellent doctor, He is simple and good human being. Friendly approach and listens to everything what patient wants to convey and then gives appropriate advices. I surely recommend everyone to reach…

Alka Kapoor

I have been getting treated by Mr. Gandhi for 7 months now and my experience with him has always been smooth and fulfilling. Many a times I had difficulty in explaining what I was…

Rashmi Purohit

Very good doctor. Explain things Very well and cleared all my doubts. Thanks a lot 🙏

Priyesh Anand

Dr. Tanmay Gandhi is an exceptionally talented doctor. I met him when my mother was feeling intense discomfort in her knees. Dr. Tanmay was very prompt and precise in his diagnosis. He found the…


बहुत ही सही इलाज और रोगियों से अत्यंत सहज-सरल और अपनेपन के साथ बातचीत और रोग निदान की अद्भुत क्षमता वात रोग के लिए

Deepika Jain

Dr. Tanmay Gandhi is an outstanding professional in rheumatology. His expertise, personalized care, and compassionate approach make him the go-to choice for anyone seeking treatment.

Roshan Sharma

I am Dr Roshan Sharma Physiotherapist from shahdol, I have seen few cases of Dr Tanmay Gandhi who were having arthiritis issue fealing great after Dr Gandhi teartment i want to him for my…

Parth Gupta

Dr. Tanmay Gandhi sir provides the best treatment for Rheumatoid patients and also does extensive patient counselling which most doctors don’t today. Highly recommended!

Purva Bhutda

“Dr. Tanmay Gandhi is not only a highly skilled Rheumatologist. His exceptional medical knowledge and genuine care for his patients make him a remarkable doctor. Highly recommend!!

Ankita Gaur

Dr Tanmay Gandhi sir is very Talented , soft spoken rheumatologist… Treats and diagnoses patiently and listens to your doubts and explains them to you. Happy patient record 😀😀.

Jina Bhagawati

Dr Tanmay is the best rheumatologist in Nagpur .. I showed my mother in law for rheumatoid arthritis and currently under his treatment !

Pooja Bute

Sglyat adhi thanks to Dr. Rajendra Chandak Sir (orthopedic) and then thanks a lot to Dr. Tanmay Gandhi Sir. Maza sathi doghepn aj DEVMANSA ahet. Tanmay sir chandak siranche widyarthi ahet. 2 mahine me…

Darshana Hande

I would like to say thank you so much sir 🙏 You are like a God for us and the treatment which you have given like a miracle

Dr. Rahul Saboo

Good diagnosis, counselling and treatment. Has been treating my uncle for arthritis. Very happy with the results and trestment.

Samiksha Jain

Dr Tanmay is the best in field of rheumatology and one of the most patient person I have ever come across. His knowledge is excellent about the subject. If he is your treating doctor…

Rishabh Mishra

Very polite and intelligent young doctor with good patient counseling skill. Thanku Tanmay Sir

Yummy Delights

Dr Tanmay is a soft spoken person with really gud knowledge about the subject. He treats the patients with lot of patience and answers all the queries.He has treated many of our close family…

Shweta Gupta

Efficient Work, great treatment. Really helpful.

Mayank Kumar

Must visit for the best treatment.

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